Whipped Honey on African Union Day

So woke up this morning and you know what was on our mind? Whipped honey! It's a lot like creamed raw honey but this is a Skin Gourmet reinvention.

So how do we make it? We'll tell you because sharing is caring!

You will need: 

Crystallized Honey (this is not easy to come by)

Red Ghana Chili Powder

Powdered Cinnamon

Recycled Glass Jars for storage. 

Put all in a bowl and whip to your heart's content! It is sweet, crunchy in texture with a cinnamon flavour. It is great as a spread, for tea (try it with our moringa tea), for sauces, as a topping or as icing - many uses! 

Tag us and let us know what you use our whipped honey spread for. If you would like one, order now! 

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