Black Soap

Peppermint African Black Soap

GHS 25.75

Antibacterial    +    Antifungal    +    Anti-inflammatory

Face and Body Wash. Shampoo.

For Odor Control, Add Lime.

Makeup Remover and Brush Cleaner.

Safe for Clothes and Dishes.

This is 100% Handmade, Genuine African Black Soap.

Absolutely Zero Parabens or Preservatives. 

You Know What They Say? Once You Go Black ...

Not Recommended for Sensitive Skin. Handmade in Ghana.

Cocoa Pod Ash
+ Pure Palm Kernel Oil
+ Raw Shea Butter
+ Peppermint Essential Oil

Nothing else. 

Tip: Our 250 Gram Bar Is Too Big to Use All at Once. Cut What You Need and Store the Rest in A Fridge. Chale, Save Your Money!

For External Use Only. Sustainably Sourced. Store in A Cool, Dry Place


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