Pure Moringa Powder

GHS 41.20

Antioxidant  +  Anti-inflammatory  +  Nutrient Dense
Rich in Iron  +  Vitamin K  +  Vitamin  E  +  Vitamin A  +  Calcium
25% Plant protein  +  9 Essential amino acids  
24% Fibre  +  High in antioxidants
Pure Moringa Powder

Popeye’s got spinach
We’ve got moringa! One of the most nutrient-rich plants on earth
Avoid boiling to help retain the best nutrients
Handmade in Ghana.

100% Pure Moringa Powder - Nothing else. 

Use This Awesome Goodness For:

Raw Food
Extra Protein

Tip: If You Are Not Used To Eating Moringa Start With Half A Teaspoon. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.

Nutritional Information: Per 100g

Fat - 8.60%

Protein - 23.24%

Carbohydrate - 62.56%

Energy -  kcal / 100g 321.83

Sodium mg/kg - 52.09

Potassium mg/kg - 6822.97

Sustainably Sourced. Keep Closed When Not In Use. Refrigerate For Long Life. Store In A Cool, Dry Place.

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