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Cocoa & Wild Honey Butter

USD 24.99

Daily Moisturizer For Face, Body And Hair. Amazing Pre-Poo Conditioner.

Natural Glow   +    Anti-Aging   +   Brightens

New York Times Best Smeller For All Skin Types.

Handmade In Ghana.

This Product Is Gluten And Cruelty Free. We Only Test On Humans.


Over 60% Theobroma Cocoa (Raw Cocoa Butter)

Cocos Nucifera Oil (Raw Coconut Oil)

Ricinus Communis Seed Oil (Pure Castor Oil)

Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil (Wild Moringa Oil) & Wild Northern Honey

Nothing Else. 

This Blend Contains No Preservatives - So Use A Preserving Spoon!

But If You Insist On Being Handsy - Stick It In A Fridge.  To Keep This Product Fresh, Store In A Cool Dry Place Away From Water.


Sustainably Sourced. Keep Closed When Not In Use. Refrigerate For Long Life


Store In A Cool, Dry Place

If This Product Melts (Cause It's So Pure) - Just Shake It And Stick It In A Fridge For About An Hour.

Cocoa & Wild Honey Butter

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