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Moringa Tea (Loose Leaf)

USD 19.99

Antioxidant    +   Anti-Inflammatory    +     Nutrient Dense


Slow Dried Fresh Moringa Leaves.

Ready To Brew. Use Warm And Not Hot Water For Best Results.


Rich In Iron  +  Vitamin K  +  Vitamin E  +  Vitamin A  +  Calcium

25% Plant Protein  +  9 Essential Amino Acids  +  24% Fibre +  High In Antioxidants


Great Skincare Is Care From The Inside Out Not Just Outside In.

This Product Is Vegan, Gluten And Cruelty Free. We Only Test On Humans!


Popeye’s Got Spinach. We’ve Got Moringa!

Handmade In GHANA.


Boil Water.

Leave In For 3-5 Minutes.

Drink Up The Superpowers And Save The World.

Face, Body & Hair Mask

Keep Waste In Fridge And Place Under Eyes To Reduce Under Eye Bags.

Reuse. Reduce, Recycle. 

100% Moringa Oleifera (Pure Moringa Leaves).

Loose Leaf. Nothing Else. 

Tip: If You Are Not Used To Eating Moringa

Start With Half A Teaspoon

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.

Sustainably Sourced. Keep Closed When Not In Use. Refrigerate For Long Life.

Store In A Cool, Dry Place. To Keep This Product Fresh, Store In A Cool Dry Place Away From Water.

Moringa Tea (Loose Leaf)

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